Morgan County Leadership Academy

Building Community
    Developing Leaders
        Experiencing Morgan County

General Application Information

Anyone who lives or works in Morgan County may apply to participate in the Morgan County Leadership Academy. Important factors when selecting students are the individual's commitment and interest in serving the Morgan County community.

Requirements for Graduation

Participation in the opening retreat (January session).

Community Field Project: Each participant will have the opportunity to work within a group to    

     complete a community field project that will be presented at graduation. 

Attendance: Students who miss more than two (2) sessions will not be eligible for graduation. 
     Sessions are the 2nd Thursday of each month January - September. 

     Session begin at 8:00 a.m. and end by 5:00 p.m. Punctuality and presence are required.

The graduation dinner and presentation of community field projects will take place at a special 

     banquet in September.

Use the link below to download the 2023 MCLA Application and register today!

Application Form 

Application and deposit must be received by December 15th.