Morgan County Leadership Academy

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What is the Morgan County Leadership Academy?

  • The Morgan County Leadership Academy (MCLA) is a not-for-profit organization founded in 1994 to offer local leadership development through peer-to-peer networking, county insight and resources, skill building, and programs to enhance leadership involvement in serving Morgan County communities.

  • Our mission is to build a stronger community by bringing together a diverse group of emerging and existing leaders to enhance their leadership skills, increase their community knowledge, and inspire their commitment to serve.

  • Please review the information on this site and register to join the class or support our work with a donation.


MCLA offers leadership training and community awareness. You will learn about yourself, others, and the various ways our community operates. 


In addition to all the great things MCLA has to offer, you will connect with other people from our community as you bond friendships and networking opportunities. 

Field Trips

MCLA is full of class field trips including: the State House, businesses, historic landmarks, observatory, courthouse, fire stations, and more!